Town & Gown Theater

Spring 2009  |  Stillwater, OK

Town & Gown is a pre-existing theatrical program in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Their current facilities are dated and limit their quality of productions.  The project, chosen for the fourth year comprehensive studio, was to design a new facility for the organization from concept to construction documentation.  Respect for the surrounding neighborhood, which includes local businesses, community services, restaurants, and family dwellings was paramount.

My aim was to create a subtle, restrained design that would be a compliment to the various theatrical events, and one that the community could bring ownership to.  Due to the transparent lobby, the excitement of each event is clearly visible from the street and brings a sense of character to the otherwise uninspired surroundings.  Also in the lobby, an art gallery would curate local artists and bring a secondary function to the building, ultimately encouraging creativity and public involvement. 



Structural / HVAC axonometric diagram

Structural / HVAC axonometric diagram


Rendering of lobby